• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    It’s one of those heavy frosts this morning that looks like snowfall – and it may just have saved my bacon, since I was silly enough to put out an additional bag of food scraps for collection by the binmen this morning that I couldn’t get into the food bin. Was just going to bed last night, when I was gripped by a sudden mental image of food strewn far and wide by nocturnal predators – but hopefully it was frozen into a solid non-distributable mass by the time they found it. I shall get dressed early this morning in order to find out (and clear up the mess, probably). It’s a Foodbank morning today, so plenty of exercise to keep warm.

    • Morning Sheila, not funny out there this morning, took me a few minutes even getting the car open! Will leave it running for 5 minutes as there is even ice on the inside. :fingers-crossed: There is no food strewn far and wide for you to clear up. Stay safe – and warm. :good:

    • Morning Sheila :-) sounds a bit horrendous where you are and I hope you don’t have any clearing up – some types of exercise we just don’t need! Have a warm and safe day.

      • Morning Bean. Everything is frozen here too. You go carefully on those roads. When we lived on the common we had to leave our bags of rubbish at the bottom of the lane and the crows, foxes etc. used to have a field day ;-) Stay snuggy :-)

    • By the time I had a bath and got dressed and outside, the binmen had been and gone. Delighted to report that everything had gone, and there was no evidence of ripped bag or food strewn about. I’m sure this must be due to the weather, so not all bad.