• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Fairly hacked off yesterday to stay in waiting for arboriculturists to estimate for my dead tree and some other jobs, only to have no one turn up. The cherry tree owner next door has also succumbed to the blandishments of a roughcaster – and has had scaffolding and a cement mixer delivered – after we had several conversations about the advantages of doing it at the same time with the same contractor. Only I don’t think this is a good time of the year for roughcasting. Am become a grumpy old woman, and will phone more tree people today…..

    • Morning Sheila, it sooooo annoys me when people don’t turn up when they are supposed to, why is their time more important than mine! Wouldn’t have thought this was a good time for roughcasting to be done either. :confused: Hope your day improves, ;-) :clover:

    • Good morning Bean. I would be more than a grumpy old woman if I’d had to wait in all day for nothing. What is wrong with these people, don’t they want business? And how extremely rude not to contact you and let you know :-( I hopemtoday bodes better for you.

      • They must be fearfully busy people – had to phone their contact nos. several times over several days to even get an initial answer from them. It might be a “softening-up” process practiced by the profession. If I am ever lucky enough to actually see one of them, will fall on his neck in deepest gratitude, muttering brokenly, “Anything, anything – just please cut it down”. I have a putty-like feeling already.

    • Morning Sheila :-) not surprised you’re fed up about yesterday – what’s roughcasting? You’re entitled to be grumpy. If I had a cat I’d probably be taking it out on him by now…

      • Would not dare to kick Alfie – he would have my foot off at the ankle (at the very least). Roughcasting is a cement-based finish containing aggregate, which is applied to brick walls to make them impermeable to driving rain. As such, it is a common Scottish finish.