• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Fiddled fruitlessly yesterday with wireless optical mouse which appeared not to be working in spite of changing batteries etc UNTIL I realised that the mouse I was using did not correspond with the little piece pushed into the side of my laptop. What I’d really like to know is how they got mixed up in the first place….
    Had a great Toenails afternoon yesterday – I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but the clients were interesting and talkative, and I went home on a high. This morning is the foodbank, and I am also thinking of joining Connect Call, which is a service that phones and chats to the housebound who live alone. It must be fairly difficult to chat to total strangers without being face to face. All this activity is of course designed to make my own old age more interesting. I really should start reading again.

    • Morning Bean, this technical stuff, gives us all the run around, so glad you are clued up enough to have worked it out, I would have had my head in my hands, whilst wailing!!!!
      The idea of chatting to housebound people sounds such a positive idea, when I worked with the older people, (can’t call them elderly now!!) The number one topic that came up time and time again and it has a massive impact on well being, was loneliness and not talking to people for days, so you should be congratulated as you will make such a difference and well done to the person or persons who’s Idea it is :good:
      Hagd :good: :rose:

      • I think that I might have to visit them initially, just to get a handle on the personalities involved. I assume we use our own telephones, so a possible drawback might be unexpected return telephone calls smack bang in the middle of favourite TV programme or while in the bath. Need to find out more.

        • I believe there is a code you can put in before phoning someone which blocks your number. There used to be anyway.

    • Good morning Bean. Technology is great……while it’s working ;-) What a lovely feeling it is when you’ve been uplifted just by chatting to people…..and more to come today for you :-) What a splendid idea your Connect Call sounds and with your wonderful insight and wit I can only imagine how lonely people’s days would be brightened by just talking to you. I am sure it must benefit the caller too by learning about other people’s lives. Keep us posted and enjoy your day :rose:

    • Hello Sheila :-) Connect Call sounds like a lovely idea and I hope you find it will suit you. Some of these community things are so beneficial – I’m thinking of the volunteer drivers who took me to my toe operations, for example. So helpful as well as chatty. Have a good day!

    • Reading your great ideas Sheila, about telephone chats, and what if they interrupt your TV viewing, no problem really …. you’ll need to go on being proficient about how to save, pause, list as favourites … whatever on your Tv. then you can revisit a programme whenever you want. Of course telling you, already more efficient in techno stuff than I, is easy, cos Dom does it all for us here, but that’s how I know that you can :good: Bon courage ….. I think you are very brave and really quite special. :rose: