• Beanstew posted an update 5 months ago

    Just had a phone-call to say Foodbank is cancelled today, because the main road to the foodstore is difficult. Bit surprised that it hasn’t been cleared, given that it is an A road running all the way to Edinburgh – but able to stay at home with a clear conscience to watch the snow boarding. Bit worried about our customers though, and hope the dispersal points have some excess.

    • Good morning Sheila. Really surprised that road has not been cleared too, hopefully people will pull together to help each other :good: Stay safe up there. :rose:

    • Enjoy the snow boarding Sheila :good: I certainly shall :lol: :rose:

    • Really hope People have some sort of Backup, but suspect not, expecting to pick up the basics today. Ireally do not know how people manage. My Daughter and Partner both work, she should not be working at all, with one Child, who is however Man size.they just scrape by. Enjoy your Day, lounging about, Bean x ps how many years have I known you?

      • The point when we first met, Tina, is lost in the mists of time…..I haven’t a clue, I am a very poor judge of time, but probably about 10 years?

    • Oh dear, that doesn’t sound to good, hope they haven’t run out of salt.
      Another day for you to rest and recuperate, a blessing in disguise. I hope you are feeling better today? Enjoy the Olympics :rose: