• Beanstew posted an update 5 months ago

    More bl**dy snow – some one up there is having a joke! I think I might have to try to get out today, or start trying to make some sort of unleavened bread. Or even some pancakes – have just realised it’s Shrove Tuesday, and pancakes with honey are always a much smarter idea than unleavened bread. Now feeling much happier.

    • So it is Pancake Day, Sheila! Good morning to you! OH has just cooked scrambled egg and smoked salmon to celebrate our anniversary so I don’t think I want anything else made from eggs today. Enjoy your own feast! I’m not mentioning the weather.

      • Can see you will have a wonderful day today Jane, with OH doing his best to show how much he appreciates you. You deserve it, and doubtless have ways of appreciating him. Be happy together today – hopefully without any importunate students.

    • Jenn replied 5 months ago

      Morning Shelia. Pancakes would be the only light at the end of a long snowy tunnel…what an absolute pain :confused: Maybe the weather will kill off all the slugs and snails and you will have a season of unmunched, perfect plants and veg….trying to be positive here! Will be making some chocolate brownie pancakes as well as the usual so I am thinking we will have salad for dinner :lol:

      • The damn things hibernate, Jenn – probably sharpening what passes as teeth while they slumber – but I appreciate your kind wishes. Let us know how the chocolate brownie pancakes turn out, you naughty, naughty woman. I will be excused salad for dinner, because I am just having ordinary Scotch pancakes.