• Beanstew posted an update 4 months ago

    It’s wet here, and I am probably being punished for slobbing yesterday afternoon after the foodbank, when it was dry and perfect gardening weather. I had news last night that Duncan has caught chicken pox from his plague-infested infant – and I’m jolly glad we gave them a wide berth on Sunday and expressed sympathy from a distance. So I will be putting the propagator together and sowing seeds today in the comfort of my kitchen / potting shed.

    • Good morning Bean.. A real good job you kept your distance from the plague house, I never had chicken pox either :-( The kitchen potting shed sounds like a better idea so enjoy yourself :-)

      • Apparently having chicken pox as an adult can be worse than the childhood experience – my niece ended up in hospital with pneumonia as a complication – so fingers crossed.

        • Not to mention the threat of shingles :-( I hope your niece recovered/is recovering :rose:

          • Walt replied 4 months ago

            Shingles (Herpes zoster) can be a problem for older people, that’s for sure. I contracted it at the age of 17 after an eleven month stay in an orthopaedic hospital. It was so painful that I was given morphine injections for several days. The consultant asked if there were any related children with chicken pox as it may have been brought in via visitors!

            • I knew several people who experienced shingles, Walt – one who had it in his eye, and an old lady who suffered recurrent pain in her back from it for years. It sounds as though the virus gave you a pretty hard time of it – and it only encourages me to stay away no matter how guilty it makes me feel.

    • Morning Sheila, yikes, that’s not so clever on the chicken pox, not nice. Very glad you managed to body swerve that. :good: Have fun with the sowing, I’m still dithering with some of it, but will start the hardy stuff soon. :good:

    • HAGD Sheila, and don’t beat yourself up … I don’t ;-) :love: :rose: