• Beanstew posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just popped on for a minute to give @northernteacher some info about slug deterrence, given her recent problems. According to Monty Don, slugs are so fond of comfrey leaves that they can be used to distract molluscs away from the plants we are trying to grow. I was looking up info on making comfrey tea. The six plants that Simon sent me a few years ago have spread like mad right into and across one of my accursed path, so I’ve been hauling some of it it up. Have a huge pile to turn into comfrey tea,which apparently is very smelly. Only discrepancy to the above info is that the plants I have hauled out do not appear to be ravaged by slugs or snails.

    • Comfrey tea is also good to feed the plants with, must say never heard about it as slug repellent, could be as its very smelly very much like a very smelly drain, flys like it too, when I feed the veg up the allotment I use this as a time to go home :confused: :confused:

      • Now having second thoughts about making comfrey tea – I wouldn’t be able to get far enough away from the stink without leaving home. Is it really as bad as that?

    • Hi Sheila and thanks. I have several types of comfrey (including what YOU actually need: Bocking 14, the only type that doesn’t spread but can be propagated by root cuttings). I will put some leaves in the relevant spots and see what happens.