• Beanstew posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    I was outside watering everything last night (simply because I was determined NOT to have to do it today) when it started to look like rain. Full of a wild hope, I checked the forecast – but needless to say not a drop of the expected rain materialised – and thanks to deep cynicism, I kept right on with the watering. So possibly a day with some gentle faffing for me today – hoorah!

    • Very clever of you, Sheila! This means you can faff all you like today and pamper yourself rather than the greenery! Enjoy to the full!

    • Morning Bean. A day of faffing sounds just the job to me :-) I was reading of Alfie’s lethargy but our cats are the same in the heat. Kitten, my 13 year old, spends most of her time behind a chair in the lounge and, worryingly, has done the same this morning instead of coming on the bed to be petted :-( Enjoy your day. :-)