• Beanstew posted an update 4 months ago

    Slept like a babe, and was not disturbed by wind, although I notice that some of my delphiniums are down. I know the boats are all hunkered down in various berths along their route – but I can’t help wondering if any of the intrepid sailors got any sleep. Must get dressed and check on the losetto tomato plants which I tucked in down the side of the garage, sheltered by the Katsura tree. Hope everyone has escaped unscathed.

    • Morning Sheila, glad someone slept well. ;-) Glad to see them in shelter, though the strongest winds won’t hit Outer Hebrides till later this morning. Will cross everything that your Losettos are safe and well. :good:

      • Just been outside, and although one of the tomato plants got blown over and several pots of lily bulbs, nothing was broken. That’s what I call a result.

    • Good morning Bean….it’s a rarity nowadays not to be bothered by wind ;-) :lol: I hope your toms are okay, what wind speeds do you have there? I hope it calms down for you, did you have any rain?

      • Very glad to report the arrival of blessed rain and an end to the Tyranny of the Hose – don’t know how you Southerners put up with it. I don’t know what speed our wind here has reached, but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen.