• Beanstew posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Just sitting here pondering on the blessings of an overcast sky- which is not something I’ve ever done before in a fairly long and thoughtful life. It saves time (mine) and natural resources (water) and is altogether a good thing (in small doses). Even so, I think that I must water the Rhondda Blacks this morning, they are carrying the most terrific crop, and I can see it will be beans with every meal soon. So I’d better hurry up and dress so that I can use my hose before the roughcasters arrive and make off with it.

    • Morning Bean. I only have a few bean plants but am watering them dutifully in the hopes of growing the longest bean again this year ;-) We will be thankful for a cooler day today but I doubt the house will cool down before the next high temps. Have a good day.

    • Morning Sheila :-) that sounds like a cunning plan – those beans are precious! This year my mange tout have a new space in a builders’ bag and they’re manic. I only eat them raw in salads and it’s a good job they’re low calorie! Have you eaten any of your tomatoes yet?

    • The RBs are wonderful Sheila, and don’t forget to let some go to seed for next year, plus the dried ones are great in stews/casseroles. :good: Good luck with the workmen, hope it all goes perfectly. :good: