• Beanstew posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Spent a challenging evening yesterday being inducted into the mysteries of an old android phone, so that I can send inane texts to acquaintances like everyone else does. Was able to text my daughter the info that the phone has 78% charge this morning – which will no doubt make her day more bearable. Picked some more tomatoes, and hope that England will win tonight to cheer everyone up, instead of this interminable Brexit/hopeless political mess.
    Have had the gentlest smirr of rain overnight – the soil is dry below the surface, but plants should be feeling a bit better. Enjoy today.

    • Morning Sheila, and well done on the phone. :good: I STILL haven’t got any ripe toms, but they are forming, so all is not lost. Love the “smirr” such a wonderfully descriptive word. I’ll probably be shot down in flames but I’m sick to death of the football hype already. It is not a game I enjoy, far too much rolling about the floor in spurious agony and getting paid ridiculous amounts of money for it. :-( Rant over, I’ll get my coat. :lol:

      • Must say the political mess in the Tory party would be enlivened if only the MPs concerned were able to fight it out like footballers on the floor of the House…..better than yack, yack.yack.

        • I cant follow football either ,22 ballerinas chasing a lump of plastic around a lawn. I wont go into politics,As youngsters might read this, :lol:

      • :lol: :lol: :lol: What a good job that this is a gardening forum :lol:
        Good morning all …HAGD
        I am cheered by the strength and courage surrounding the Cave rescue in Thailand. :good: :rose:

        • So am I, Anne. In the midst of a lot of other blah, it shines out like a beacon of hope for human cooperation.

      • Afternoon girls. How I agree with you Karen. Obscene amounts of money for a load of wuss’s :lol:

    • Hello Sheila :-) sounds like the same type of phone as mine and it works perfectly well for texts and calls. The Thai cave news, whilst a horrendous experience for all concerned, was a real distraction from our non-functioning government. As I don’t do football, I can’t take advantage of that today. Enjoy your book, wherever you read it!