• Beanstew posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Memo to self: Do NOT plant so many cherry tomatoes next year.
    Spent most of yesterday afternoon cooking to reduce the bowls full of small red and golden tomatoes – so have cherry tomato risotto, steak fajita mixture with cherry tomatoes, and baked sausages with cannellini beans, garlic and cherry tomatoes freezing down in the DF. Think cherry tomatoes may prove to have a haunting quality this year somehow…..

    • Morning Sheila, it would be much worse if you had no tomatoes, then you’d really have something to whinge about. :lol: ;-) Lovely to have the DF filling up. :good:

    • Morning Sheila. :-) My toms are coming thick and fast now to. Didn’t plant any Koralik toms this year but some have self seeded so I have allowed them to grow amongst other veg. :dunno:

    • Sounds fab to me, Sheila!

    • Could you take some Tomatoes to the Food Bank, Sheila, or is that not allowed,

      • Have given them runner beans and courgettes Tina – but the Team Leader is concerned that tomatoes might get squashed on top of the stacking baskets we put the food in.

    • son gave me two plants called redcurrant toms – they are the size of red currants and so far the birds have had more than we have, ha ha, you would need a bowl full to get any good tom taste – never mind a bit of fun

      • Anything is worth a try, Bean, don’t know anything about Food Banks, when I could still Walk, they were not set up, but could they not be kept separate? Anyway, you, will know if it is at all possible. x