• Beanstew posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Dreadful afternoon at Toenails yesterday because half of the clients did not attend. Luckily I had taken the newspaper with me which helped to pass the time. It’s still pretty damp up here – but I embrace it joyously whenever I think of the temperatures to be reached in Spain today. Today I will be trying to get someone to replace the coaxial cable to the television aerial – TV picture and sound has been all broken up when it’s raining ever since the roughcasting. Enjoy today everyone.

    • Keep reminding myself that the Farmers need the Rain, and we are lucky to have it, but the damp warmth is not good for Arthritas, , that’s Life, you’ve got to do what you can. :lol:

    • It’s definitely a comfort to think of how it’s helping the farmers, Tina. Luckily I only have arthritis in my hands – but I do know how bad it can be to have it elsewhere. Know you will keep smiling onwards though.