• Beanstew posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Quite surprised to find that I have been lurking here all the time I have been away – but I remember that “server maintenance” descended, and I could not log out. Have an obligatory training day today in order to visit housebound older people, and a lot of ripened tomatoes to do something with. I won’t describe the disgraceful behaviour of the courgettes in my absence, except to say that they have multiplied without shame, and many are now marrows – and I despair of them.

    • Morning Sheila :-) that’ll teach you to go away and leave us to wonder how your garden is growing in your absence! Glad to see you back so that I can now tend my own courgettes in a proper fashion! Hope the training day goes well – I’m pretty sure you don’t need any training for this!

      • You are quite right, Jane – as an ex-social worker / registered nurse employed to run homes for older people, I already know most of it (or should do). It’s a box-ticking exercise so that the local authority can clear themselves if I turn out to be a “wrong-un” in the future.
        Whatever you do – do not copy my courgettes – and do not plant the variety Astia F1, which should have been called Nastia, for it’s filthy habit of going off to reproduce in all directions.

      • Morning Sheila, welcome back. I hope you had a lovely visit and that Archie behaved better in your absence than the courgettes ;-) Look forward to hearing about your training day and I hope you get to do some visits soon. :-)

        • I had a lovely time, Cilla. Monk Fryston is a beautiful Yorkshire village, with houses made of local stone. The cat sitter was still smiling when I got back, and I didn’t find any dehydrating piles of cat sick anywhere – which just backs up the paranoid belief I have that he only sicks-up to get at me…..

    • Good morning Sheila :high-five: nice too have you back :good: :rose: