• Beanstew posted an update 5 months, 4 weeks ago

    Front path has been hand-weeded, but I could not help thinking as I plucked seedlings from the cobbles, that I was throwing away a small fortune, as many of them were erigeron karvinskianus which cost £4.95 each from Sarah Raven. It’s the old problem of having too much soil spilled from the adjoining beds among the cobbles – large parts of the path need riddled to remove a fertile seed bed. Might get to that later today after dealing with the fruit cage.
    Did have one lovely surprise on cutting down a clump of helenium – I found that the adjoining yucca plant, which has probably been there for 4 – 5 years has finally got a flower spike. But sadly, I wonder if it will come to anything at this time of the year. Probably not – and it was possibly brought to the point of flowering by the unusual amount of sun we have had this year. If there are any yucca experts among us, I’d welcome advice. It’s a long way off flowering at the moment, and I cannot imagine that it will flower successfully before Christmas. Should I remove the spike, hoping it will regrow next spring?

    • Morning Sheila :-) It’s a real shame you couldn’t do something with your erigeron karvinskianus – but we all go through similar, don’t we? I know I’ve pulled out seedlings that I wish I hadn’t later – but they were never in a nice cobbled area! Must get my work sent back and then hopefully I can bask in the warmth that the forecasters are saying will be here today. Have a good time in the fruit cage.

      • The erigeron is already doing it’s utmost to colonise the vicinity, Jane – it has even rooted itself into narrow cracks in the pavement outside the garden. It has the making of a first class pest…..

    • Morning Sheila, Goodness you had a very busy and successful day yesterday! :good: Sadly I think we all go through that anguish of “seedling dumping” at times , such a shame but what can you do. I’m no use to you on the yucca flower either I’m afraid. :disappointed: Cilla will know I’m sure @Cilla Enjoy your day today. :-)

      • Good morning girls. You have been busy again Bean but I’m afraid I don’t know a thing about yuccas. However, it won’t hurt to leave the flower spike until the frosts to see what happens and then cut it down. I am having the same trouble with millions of valerian seedlings in the gravel.

        • Thank you Cilla – will do as you suggest, and stifle my sobs that it did not throw up a spike when there was time to anticipate success….