• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Grabbed a break in the weather yesterday afternoon, and snuck out to fill a large bag with very mature runner beans. Have no idea whether the seeds inside should be dried inside the pods – but have stripped the pods and am drying the seeds separately ( and a varied and colourful bunch they are). I have no idea at this point how my befriending of a woman living in sheltered accomodation will turn out. At the moment it looks as though she simply wants someone with a car to run her about – but either way, I suppose I had better get the car cleaned out and valeted for the first time since I got it……

    • Morning Sheila, good job on the runners, I do pod the beans simply because it is easier to dry them that way and it seems to work perfectly. Best ones for growing next year, the rest for eating. :good: Ummmmmm on your befriending, not sure you are meant to be a taxi service? :-( Thought it was supposed to be to help with loneliness? Good excuse to clean your car though. ;-) Mine sounds in a similar state. :lol:

      • Morning girls. I poded my beans yesterday and they were a disaster, half were mouldy and the few remaining not up to much :-( I may be begging for a few black ones. Did you actually meet this person who wants a taxi driver?

    • The woman was an only child and has apparently been a loner all her life – it may simply be her way of holding me at arm’s length while she susses me out more. But can’t really see yet why the social worker concerned thinks that she needs a friend – she does interact a bit within the sheltered housing, but sneers about it. I think she probably only does it so that others cannot say she is standoffish.

      • Grief, friends like that……….. :bad: Might be worth asking the social worker what her reasoning was about it?

    • Morning Sheila :-) not a particularly good start then with this woman – who pays for the mileage? Sounds a bit like the seed podding was more constructive than the befriending, up to a point. Hope you have a good day today :-)