• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Spent a large chunk of yesterday fulfilling the CVO’s (Community of Voluntary Organisations) need to have trained everyone in various aspects of Health and Safety – and pretty boring it was too – but I now know what to do as a lone worker, if one of my elderly clients rises off the podiatrist’s couch and threatens me with violence. I haven’t yet worked out why I also had to learn how to use a ladder safely, or why I have to learn how to be a fire warden. Luckily, these courses are available online, and can be done as it suits the individual – but still time-consuming. Also managed to replant another couple of large pots, but I must get the rest of the dahlia stools dug up, and I want to refresh and replant my lily tubs too. Today is a Toenails day, but I’m trying to get the fruit cage dug over as well. Fingers crossed!

    • Good morning Bean. Who knew there was so much to do to befriend a lonely person, a nanny state gone too far I fear :-( Your garden works sound in full swing so everything here is crossed for you :-)

    • Morning Sheila, jez, it does get complicated doesn’t it. :confused: Hope you manage some garden time amid all the “elf & safety” overload. ;-) :good: