• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Wet and distinctly breezy here this morning, but fingers crossed for all Welsh Clickers this morning who are bearing the worst of it today. Foodbank for me this morning, and a couple more prophylactic jabs from the practice nurse this afternoon – so not exactly a Whoopee day to get excited about.

    • Morning Sheila, jabs, plural? :-( :bad: Not to bad here either but yes, Wales is due to be bad I think. Have a good day, apart from the perforations. ;-)

      • Am beefing up on inoculations before volunteering at local general hospital – I think I am having pneumococcal and shingles today – hope they don’t flatten my immune system.

    • Morning Bean, I wish you wouldn’t use these long words at this hour of morning, what is left of my brain isn’t in gear yet and I shall have to google it ;-) Whatever they are I hope they are painless. Our flu jabs aren’t until 10th November, probably have caught it by then ;-) Have a sort of good day.

    • Hello Sheila :-) hope you have a better day than you think you’ll have!