• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Went round a Michael Morpurgo exhibition yesterday with my new friend – and wished that my childhood had coincided with his output, instead of Enid Blyton – although I was grateful for her books when I was young. Still, I can determine to buy some of them for the wee one when he’s old enough, and read them first. Much blowing of my nose this morning – have a blurry cold – and will not be taking Toenails today – so a very lazy day in front of me. Bugga but hurrah!

    • Morning Sheila :-) sorry to hear you’re having to blow your nose – not a nice state of affairs but you can put your feet up as and when today! Don’t know that children’s writer – like you, I followed Enid Blyton’s books. Have you ever been to Wigtown? I recently read The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bywell, who runs The Bookshop and is very crotchety. Very funny but you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for before going in there! Enjoy a lazy day :-)

      • I quite like crotchety people, Jane – so I obviously still have a treat in store with Mr Bywell. I noticed when working with old people, that the ones I missed the most when they died, were all the most awkward and bad-tempered. There is nothing much to remember or miss in a simper.
        You have your lane, and I have my back paths – they are infested with more damned weeds – wish I could use weed-killer, but I can’t.

        • Morning Bean and Jane. These blooming colds seem early this year, I hope you feel better soon but enjoy a lazy day…..a wee bit of something medicinal to help it on its way perhaps? I have to say I loved Enid Blyton and thrived on “yummy”, “gosh” and “lashings of ginger beer” :lol: It was lovely being able to buy OH’s grandsons all sorts of books when they were younger and I still linger over kiddie’s books now. That bookshop sounds great :lol:

    • Morning tubs. I keep missing you so a quick hello as I’m just logging off. Enjoy your day :-) :rose:

    • Morning Bran – hope you are feeling better soon :rose: Michael Morpurgo is fab. War Horse is probably his most famous book and the film is guaranteed to get me blubbing every single time. I really want to see the stage version. Finn never really was into him though we tried – he much preferred Captain Underpants or the Mr Gum books, which probably says more about us as a family :lol: Philip Pullman writes some great little children’s books which would be good to put by. Jane, @northernteacher I read The Diary of a Bookseller and hated it. It was one of my Xmas books last year and I was really looking forward to it. I found him not so much cantankerous as rude and boorish, the book dull, contrived and repetitive (as diaries often are), and resolved never to spend a penny in his shop if I ever got the chance! I was so disappointed :-(