• Beanstew posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Have done something bad to my back and am feeling very sorry for myself. Have pain referred down my left arm, and could hardly get downstairs just now. Will have to cancel Toenails, as painkillers supplied by GP make me dopey, and even with them. I do not think I could do it, and in fact would be daft to try. Thankfully, daughter is coming down today anyway to help me to pull the old washing machine out ready for delivery of the new one tomorrow – and to clean the space behind it, which will be absolutely filthy……

    • Good morning Sheila! You honestly can’t move that washing machine if you’ve done your back in! Someone else will have to help your daughter; otherwise you’ll really do some damage and that won’t be good for anyone! I’m really sorry to hear you’re in pain but please don’t make it worse!

    • Morning Sheila, really sorry to hear this and please do NOT take part in the washing machine manoeuvring. Have you had an X-ray/scan done? Definitely no toenails either, what a [email protected]@er. :-( Sending gentle hugs for a speedy recovery. :clover: :rose: :rose: :clover:

      • Good morning Bean. Am in agreement with the girls on not touching the washing machine. Having had many bad backs with gardening etc. I sympathise greatly. I hope this is short lived. Sending hugs from me also. :rose: :rose: :rose:

    • Listen to these ladies, Shelia, heaven fobid you don’t, they know where you live ;-) Sorry to hear about your injury – it is one of the most frustrating things to do to yourself. Take care and please take it easy.

    • Oh dear Shelia, sending gentle hugs,like Karen and echo what everyone else has said. Can a neighbour help?

      • Snap to all that has been said !.. for goodness sake, take it easy Sheila. We are none of us as invincible as we think … gentle hugs from me too :love: :rose: