• Beanstew posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    If I haven’t been about much it’s because I am most comfortable lying down. Being erect seems to allow the weight of my arm to make it all worse, and I may make myself a sling to see if that helps.The pills supplied are making me feel nauseous, and this is not a fun-filled house at the minute. Did enjoy the picture of Jane in her cardy – she looks so blooming pleased with herself…..

    • She is blooming pleased with herself, Sheila and I’m only sorry to hear of your real pain and discomfort. Is there a walk in surgery that will fix you up with a sling? Can’t imagine it will be easy doing it yourself. Take care – I wish I could assist.

      • Good morning Bean. That is no fun at all for you, I wish we were all nearby, even if we couldn’t cure you we would make you laugh ;-) Take care :rose:

        • I just googled trapped nerve exercises and there are several You Tube videos including one with arm pain which might help.

    • Really sorry to hear this Sheila, tis a beggar feeling crook at any time, but always feels worse over Christmas. :-( Hope it eases for you very soon. :rose: :clover:

      • Get well soon Bean…A chiropractor might sort it out in a second you know its worth a try if you know of a reputable one :good:

    • Bloody insult to injury that the pain meds should make you feel sick !!!
      Codeine was a right Arsss for me .