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    Rhubarb, rhubarb! :lol:

  • Lovely colours in that walk, Anne :-) Did you know that pigeons migrate? Birders are not sure where they go:

  • Jul kissed the blarney stone not me, it really works, I hardly got a word out of her before, The blokes that hold your legs as you hang down to kiss the stone Don’t get paid, They pay a tidy sum to do the job :lol: Its the Irish pay back to the English, Because the stone that you kiss is a part of the old toilet chute. ;-)

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    I go into my fishing room,
    Filled with rods and hooks and reels,
    Remembering all the good times had,
    And how the fishing capture feels,
    Then I go out to my garden,
    And think ,This is just my lot,
    This little bit of soil I have.
    Bares no comparison too my plot,
    My woodmachines are rusting,
    They were bought when days were long,
    I have the urge to…[Read more]

    • I like it … but I wonder if the pull of the rusting wood machines will exert once more an irresistible urge to shape and form all that lovely wood Allan :-) :rose:

    • Very cleverly written Al, I do like that. As Sue says, it has to make you happy. :good: Though I seem to remember a lot of woodwork going on for you Grandson, not that long ago. ;-)

      • Just finished it K, That’s the photos I have been trying to put on, I still go fishing from the boot of the car,I manage to go metal detecting
        with my shooting stick seat,But the workshop has been given a miss,I did make a bar stool before I went on hols,Too be able to sit down when I’m preparing the fish, ;-) Its true what you say Sue,When I…[Read more]

        • Al I’m not sure you can add photos to an update in the group, try it as a new topic, under the forum.

          • A great poem Al. It is a real regret when we can’t do things we used to do with ease but our bodies and minds dictate what we do nowadays. Your lovely Julie, your garden and your caravan are still very precious. :love:

          • Can’t even get them into my media file Karen,

            • Can you upload into your Albums Al?

            • Sorry Al, forgot to ask did you try creating a new topic in the forum first and then adding a photo?

            • I tried putting them into the media as I usually do K, If I wanted them to go into the forum I would click on albums after media,I tried putting them in close up file but no good,It must be Somthing my end Karen because everyone else isn’t having a problem, ;-)

            • Al, I had a play with my own iPad earlier and didn’t have a problem. Try starting a new topic in the forum first and upload a photo from your iPad directly to that – see if it works.

            • OK, :good:

    • I’ve been thinking about your poem Allan, since I read it yesterday. It chimes so much with a lot of my recent thoughts and feelings. I used to do so many things which I no longer do. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I had the perseverance and nous to master some areas of human endeavour, that I enjoyed the experience, and they have…[Read more]

      • Things from the past seem clearer now Sheila, I keep remembering things that were long forgotten.
        I also found that you reap what you sow, I taught my son and grandson building work by doing their houses up for them. Now we have been given orders to go down the van for a fortnight ,while they strip out and update the bathroom for us. Cant be bad, ;-)

  • How do all you clickers train your cucumbers and do you pinch them out like we do with tomatoes? I seem to have zillions of small ones and lots of ‘branches’. Help!

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    Congratulations Bean, lovely news. I’m sure he will have a great garden knowledge, with you as his Grannie. :love: :rose: :love: :rose:

  • I visited a local nursery last week and bought a couple of Tomato plants they are Carousel, I have never seen these before has anyone else grown these? apparently according to they are very good and produce well. No doubt I will find out later. :lol:

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    Hi not so long ago someone ask how to stop coriander from bolting. Did anyone have an answer as mine has bolted, :-(

  • I’ve just enjoyed watching this short clip about our common bumblebees posted by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. It may just help me identify some in my garden if I they buzz more slowly!
    Hope you find it useful too :rose:

  • Looks like Rosa rubrifolia. I have one in the garden and it has lovely hips in autumn.

  • I know this isn’t directly related to gardening, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using cheap icecream makers – the type where you freeze a bowl in the DF first before assembling the ingredients? Aldi has them in at present at £19.99, and as I am going to have a good crop of strawberries, I wondered about the possibility of…[Read more]

    • I have one Sheila I use it all the time :yes: may be a bit bigger than the Aldi one’s it’s a Cuisinart with a 2 ltr bowl that you put in the freezer , I had a 1 ltr bowl to start of with but I broke it and decided to go for a bigger one , forever making some sort of ice cream bought a Ben & jerry’s ice cream book…[Read more]

      • I take your point Liz – and I’m sure you are right – but I don’t want too make too much of the stuff, because if I did, I’d only eat it. So its striking a balance between making the best of my produce, and not swelling up like a barrage balloon. Will go and have a look at Cuisinart, and some recipes – and work out if I can risk it.

        • I understand what you mean Sheila not wanting to make to much , I bought it for £35 on Amazon went on to” price runner” the dearest place to buy it wanted £108 YES bloody rip off , Amazon was the cheapest and they had two there what they called “used ” if you click on the “used” it tell’s you what is wrong with t…[Read more]

          • the basic recipes I use is 2 egg’s ,

            3/4 of a cup of sugar ,
            2 cup’s of whipping cream ,
            1 cup of milk .
            that’s for 2 ltr’s , have used light cream which works perfectly well

            • Have marked this as favourite so I can find it again – this info only appears on Clicks, and not under the question. Will try and follow up your buying suggestion…

  • meaning me :wacko:

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    Gave in. GSofBS and I made these this afternoon.  We also ate them this afternoon. All of them. Delicious!  ;)

  • Took me a while to find it !! still finding my way round the site!

    Thanks Bernieh it sound lovely 8-)

    Not heard of ground “toasted” coriander??!!! wonder if we do that “over here”

  • I grew some bedding Dahlias this year from seed, is it worth keeping the tubers for next year or are they better grown from seed each year?

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    Cheers BS , :-) its just a case of trial and error then no actual notification of who’s online at the time …

    • Its not cutting edge science as we know it, but it works for me. I really like the Click function, because you can answer as much as you like in the right place, so the person making the first comment gets to see it immediately. AND, being dead nosey, you see where others are commenting all over the site. Not so keen on Chat, feel it is a bit…[Read more]

      • Also, if you go to Members, it tells you who is active so many seconds ago etc – so it really tells you too.

        • I havent come on here enough to get the hang of it, I really must do some more noseying around to see whats going on !! quite like the chat , I cant seem to a grip of replies to anything of mine unless I use my email and click on that …but thats me being a numpty

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    Morning everyone, weather,s not so clever so its in the tunnels again, I,ll end up growing claws and a black velvet coat.:)

  • As some of you are interested in it, I’ve been asked to write something about the 5:2 diet I’ve been following for the past 3 weeks, so what I’ve written is from my point of view but with some background info […]