• Hayley posted an update 5 months ago

    Good morning all :-) Where did that week go? I feel like I’ve been on another planet, a surreal world of ice and snow and waterfalls and mountains. Just incredible! Highlight has to be the Diamond Beach but there were so many places :lol: Thousands of pics to follow as you can imagine ;-) :yawn: :giggle:
    • …with birds dive-bombing you as you walk across their terrain Hayley? I have another friend who frequently visits Iceland and she was surprised by feisty birds :lol:

    • Surreal, Hayley. x

    • Oh Wow, :love: and welcome home honey. Looking forward to the pics. :good:

    • I think it was far too windy and cold for the birds Anne, although I did see a cormorant trying to dry off!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere like it Tina, incredible place.

    • Thank you K :rose: Loads of stories to tell, we drove 950 miles in 6 days through conditions and scenery I can only describe as lethally stunning! :-) Hope you’re OK, looks like the white stuff has hit you too sweet pea. :love:

    • Goodness, that looks impressive, Hayley! Welcome back and ditto everyone else on the pics and geyser tales!

    • Good to have you back Hayley, glad you had a good time:rose:

    • Thank you J :-) I’m doing the panto pics first, I’m in arrears, I wonder why? ;-)

    • Thank you Lynn lovely :rose: An incredible experience, keep pinching myself back to reality! ;-)

    • Other wordly.

    • :-) ;-)