• Hayley posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Evening all :-) All packed up again and off at 2.45am tomorrow to the sunny, snowy slopes of Belle Plagne in France. My Mac has finally bitten the dust so I’ll be taking an iPad and only a smallish camera which I’ve managed to wifi enable, fingers crossed it all works!! :-)

    • Oh my goodness :lol: what did I just say about being rested :lol: HALT Hayley. You are the only person I know just now wishing to re-visit snow ;-) :rose:

    • Enjoy Hayley, please don’t send any snow back here, I want to get on with some gardening done :giggle:

    • Have become mad world traveller, returning only to repack case and do washing – and will probably have more holidays in a year than anyone else I know. May become dangerous if you lose track of where you actually are – but enjoy, Hayley – and haste ye back.