• Hayley posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Good evening all :rose: A very muggy one it is too. No watering tonight, reserving that for the morning. Visited the sunny capital yesterday to take my F-I-L on the London Eye for his 87th birthday, what a day we chose :notacloudinsight:
    • Evening Hayley, looks like a enjoyable day out, with a great view, not for me, I don’t like heights and those pods look like they move about too much :excruciating:
      Yes it’s still warm here a muggy night in store. :rose:

    • What a lovely day you had, I have been on the eye a few years ago and loved it.

    • Happy B’day to F-in-law Hayley …. way to go :dance: :walt: :dance: :rose:

    • Funny you should say that Lynn. Actually you only really feel it move when it stops, which makes little or no sense! ;-) I hope you manage to sleep :good:

    • Hi Vashte, yes, weren’t we lucky? My F-I-L is in a wheelchair and they were brilliant at the Eye. So busy and hot though, phew :cool: :notacloudinsight:

    • Thank you Anne :cake: :-)

    • Nice one, Hayley :-)

    • cilla replied 3 weeks ago

      Cor, I bet London was hot but a lovely day for FIL. Were those pods hot?

    • They are air conditioned luckily Cilla :good: