• Hayley posted an update 6 days, 21 hours ago

    Good morning all, although it still feels like evening with the US jet lag.
    Autumn is trying to launch itself but it’s all too warm just as it was in the US too.
    Washing done and cursory garden clear up. I’ll be out there tomorrow still dead heading just now and harvesting beans, courgettes and tomatoes. :-)

    • Welcome back Hayley – hope you had a terrific time, and will have some photos for us after you have attended to the garden. That jet lag must be fierce – it’s not too often that someone says Good morning to me at midnight or thereabouts.

    • Welcome home honey, just off out so will catch up later. Hope you had a great time. :rose:

    • Hello Hayley :-) glad to see you back safe and sound :-)