• Hayley posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Evening all :-) Walked at Sissinghurst today, not within the garden but around it’s grounds. Even with the bluebells going over it was blissful. A welcome cup of tea and a cheese and bacon scone finished the trip nicely, with a family of sparrows sharing the crumbs. :love:
    • How lovely … clearly a good day :-) :rose:

    • Great pic, Hayley, they obviously like bacon&cheese scones :good: :-)

    • I think they like anything on offer, maybe typical Sparrow behaviour. It was so lovely to see them up close, their feathers are beautiful so many different shades of brown, white and grey and so gently taking the crumbs.

    • We hadmthe same experience at the outside tea rooms on saturday, H. The sparrow came and sat on the edge of a chair until I gave him tea cake crumbs, followed by his wife…….they flew off with them to their nest. Then the robin cane down for some too :-) I love cheese scones but bacon and cheese scones sound heavenly :lol: Next visit…. ;-)

    • How lovely, Hayley :-)