• Hayley posted an update 1 month ago

    Good evening all :rose: All sorts of stuff going on here, involving house selling and buying, which is why I haven’t clicked! Wow! Good to see Tony’s 12mm a day onions, inspirational. ;-)
    Here’s a recent photo I took whilst visiting a Lavender farm, just breatheee…
    • Lovely Hayley. Have been to one in Hertfordshire some years ago, but always want to visit the ones in Provence …. one day ….. :-) :rose:

    • Evening Hayley, I can smell the lavender, I have lots of lavender, white and pink, I’m planning on having a lavender edge to the path which runs under the lounge &bedroom window :good: it’s been covered in bees ours hopefully!!!
      House moving is a stressful long winded process, so you’ll need lots of lavender visits. Have you found anything to buy yet? :rose: :rose:

    • Lavender Tours

      You don’t have to travel far from CP Anne!! xx

    • I love the sound of that Lavender edge Lynn :love:
      One thing I didn’t know about Lavender is that there are two distinct types, Lavender and Lavandin, here’s the difference below. I’d always thought that Lavender, in general, was a relaxant, but the two types are polar opposites when taken as tea.
      I’ll never stop learning about plants ;-) :rose: :love:

    • Oh and yes, I have sold and just today have offered on another property subject to contract/survey, exciting! :rose:

    • Fab pic, Hayley :notacloudinsight:

    • cilla replied 1 month ago

      That lavender tour was fabulous H and your news even better :-) :good: