• Hayley posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Good morning all :-) No rest for the wicked it seems! The wind has been whistling here since 2am so sleep has been in short supply. I’m expecting shredded cucumber/courgette plants and a fair amount of fruit drop on the tomato plants :excruciating: Have a good day all :-)

    • Good morning my lovely :-) Pesky wind ruins everything :-( I hope your plants don’t suffer too much. Sleep isn’t great here either and it is another grey morning but felt warmer when I fed the birds. Perhaps you’ll mange a few :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: later ;-)
      • Morning lovely H, damn wind can be so destructive, hope there isn’t too much damage. :fingers-crossed: Have a good one yourself petal, and definitely a snoozette later. :good:
        • Morning Hayley :-) I know what you mean and hope the courgette plants are low enough to cope :fingers-crossed: Are the cucumbers and toms all outside? I’m sure you’re in the woods by now – have a good day :rose:
            • Hi my lovely, yes I was in the forest, surprisingly calm in there with the protection of the trees ;-) Yes all outdoors as Bev’s greenhouse has panes of glass missing anyway. They are against a south facing wall but the wind really does whistle up Bev’s field. :run!:
            • Good morning Hayley … am wondering if any tomato plants have tomatoes still left on them … must go down to the garden and check soon!! Have a good day :good: :-) :rose: