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    Happy Birthday, Karen :cake: :drink:

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    Sorry, this is late Cilla, here is wishing you and Sue a very happy birthday. Hoping you both have had a fab day. :cake: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :present: :present: :present:

  • Morning all, sun thinking about shining :unsure: shopping this morning, then more weeding and planting of all the plants I have left 2 other areas in the garden to plant up. heavy rain forecast from 8pm tonight right through to about 8pm Friday, so lots of indoor stuff to do tomorrow. Garden could do with it as its been 3 weeks since we have had…[Read more]

    • Good morning Lynn :rose: Know what you mean about the rain but say that ever so quietly, some folk are rained out ;-) Have a good day my lovely :rose:

      • Morning Lovely Hayley, I know, I think I should have put it in brackets!!!! at least its not in caps :lol: HALD :rose:

        • Appreciate lack of CAPS, Lynn – and definitely a good time to get the rest of your plants into the ground just before the rain. Have a lovely day!

          • Hi Bean, well the rain has arrived about 4hrs earlier than predicted!!! but at least I got the weeding finished and the ground &plants will now be well watered when they get planted. I seem to lose click reply notifications, so in answer to your tues click about little people, I did finally get the house back into some sort of order after little…[Read more]

      • Monsoon forecast here this afternoon and tomorrow,As if we haven’t had enough.

    • :bye: Hi Lynn :rose: Will you go as far as Ely to shop?
      :mail: en route later for the wet day tomorrow :lol: HALD :rose:

      • :bye: Anne, no I go in the opposite direction for my main food shop towards Wisbech, its just a mile further, but has a new very large Morrison that stocks as much of its produce from local suppliers, an a B&Q and round the corner Dunelm, Tesco, pound-land, pet shop, halfords & Iceland I think :unsure: so more choice than Ely for grocery shopping, but Ely…[Read more]

        • Ah yes, I remember you mentioning before :yes:
          I hope you didn’t get thunder … we had a little but not much. :rose:

          • No thunder yet, but we do get our fair share and it was very warm when I was in the garden, felt almost muggy as did yesterday. Starting :mail: this eve. HALA & eve :rose:

            • Lovely, hage Lynn…we’re off to Normandy on Sunday, so am scrambling around here trying to get sorted :wacko: :yahoo:

    • Morning Lynn, Hayley, Sheila, Anne :-) hope you have a productive day :yes:

      • afternoon Jane, about 98% of the veg patch weeded only the fruit&flower patch to go, but rain has stopped play for now, well until sat afternoon if you believe the weather forecast :unsure: How are you today? good I hope :rose:

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    Morning Clickers, a tad overcast but looks a promising day. Enjoy yourselves and happy hols to H and C. @HayleyAgora & @Cilla

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    Up early to try and prise car parts out of Parcelforce’s North West depot where they have apparently been languishing since the 27th of June, on their Express 24 service – and feeling fairly surprised to find there is less wind at the moment than there has been throughout May. But I’ve done what I can to protect my softies from the coming gale,…[Read more]

    • Should read May, not June – but you realised that, didn’t you?

      • Morning Sheila aspirin spray day, morning Karen, Jane, Cilla Al dry morning but not very warm. Every thing out in the open on the allotment just seems to be marking time, had 4 tomato plants left from plant sale so put them out on the plot, they do look sorry for them selves :whistle:

        • I planted my spares out a few days ago Tony – and erected a windbreak round them yesterday, to try and help them make it through the next 24 hours. Think we are “Gardening on the Edge”. – will do my aspirin spray today, and take a couple myself for the headache of growing in Scotland.

        • Morning Bean, Jane, Karen and Tony. I had 3 spare tomato plants which are in pots near the house. They will have to survive out there or demise!

        • Morning Sheila and Tony, so much for express service Sheila. :negative: Getting beyond a joke now Tony. :yes:

          • At the moment Karen my runner beans are more string than bean trying to keep them growing up the canes, hope they don’t think I’m practising bondage :lol:

    • Morning Sheila :-) fingers crossed for you – ask them how they define customer service – best not in case they can’t locate it under the counter.

    • Morning all :bye: Always an adventure going to retrieve a parcel Sheila ;-)

    • I had the same problem Sheila, I had chrysanths ordered for early April delivery, When they didn’t come ,I phoned chrysanthemums direct and they said that they had been sent, Without hesitation they sent me a new lot. Then this week they phoned and said that the plants had been returned to them, And that they had been in the depot waiting for…[Read more]

      • I looked up reviews of Parcelforce’s service on TrustPilot this morning – nobody gave them more than 1* – and several of the reviews had been redacted because they were so offensive and full of bad language. Gave up hope of resolving it quickly at this point…….Have informed garage I cannot keep the booking.

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    Role on spring.lovely light evenings :-(

  • What a relief to spread out on my own settee ,I have my faithfull follower by my side, Have two flights of stairs,so I’ll be sleeping down here for a while, When I was in hospital, Jul bought me an Apple iPad […]

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    @hayleyagora Well Minx?

  • littlenikki posted a new activity comment 5 years, 2 months ago

    Thanks everyone, I`m liking the site already. Lots of projects on the go so i`ll be picking lots of experienced brains :yes:

  • SIMONDO posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    Greetings Folks :good:
    Lovely sight and very pretty little flower awaited me on my morning stroll around the veg plot today. They are on the purple podded climbing bean I’m growing this year.
    All the verities of runner beans im growing have set some now and i hopefully will get to have a few on the plate in a week or so… Yum.

    • Good morning Simon
      Isn’t it amazing that each year, we look forward to the first beans – and in a fortnight’s time we will be desperately beseeching passers-by to please take them…. They are a bit like courgettes in that respect, especially if you grow too many. And this year I have Rhonnda Blacks, which can only add even more bulk.

      • Hi Sheila
        Hummmm.. Wel im dooooomed !! 12 courgette plants at various stages of mass production … french beans x 3 lots… runners x 2 ….. And 1 of those rows is…………… Yup you,v guessed it R Blacks :whistle:
        Gulp !! what have i done :unsure:

        • Can’t believe 12 courgette plants! Suggest the only possible course is to open a market stall, or unload the excess to a food bank. Hope you have a very large extended family who eat a lot.

          • Yea ….. Well it all sort went wrong after falling flat on my ass in the g house and crushing my first ones that made it after some just turned up there toe’s !!!
            I took no chances and did 2 new sowings … needles to say the little blighters ALL made it :scratch:
            Do also take in to account that i have given 6 fully fledged monsters away on top of the…[Read more]

        • come and live next to me I’ll help you eat them, I freeze courgettes and then they go in stews or what I call tomato slosh – onions, courgettes and toms with garlic cooked down = lovely with chops or fish

          • Am hoping ours will be ready when the Somerset family descend on us the weekend after next :yahoo:

            • Morning Anne
              As i put in a post just now using the wrong name !!!
              Give me directions and il deliver you a tonne if yours arnt ready! :whistle:

              • If only you could…home grown runner beans…yummy :yahoo: :-)

                • Cant do beans yet but courgettes….at least half a tonne going spar !!LOL
                  How are you doing Anne :-)

                  • busybusy Simon
                    got three stories on the go and a very small but silly busy garden too :yahoo: …like everybody else I guess :yes:
                    How Are You?

                    • Do you write on a comical basis per chance Ann ?
                      Im not rushing about much really as apart from Wednesdays i dont have a regular job to do and business continues to be a tad ….. Slooooooooooowww Lol.
                      That said i can always find stuff around the place to do, you know how it is :yes:
                      Have been enjoying pots, Cabbage, carrots ,lettuce,peas, OH… and…[Read more]

                      • Hmm…by comical, do you mean funny, or as in a comic strip Simon? :unsure:
                        My answers:- sometimes a tad the former, so far not the latter, tho’ I am not ruling anything out as I am new to this game of writing and so on, and it’s just something I feel I have to do! :wacko: :mail: :mail:

                        • Oh.. you will love this one Anne. Total miss spelling of said question !! as is my want , Im poor at spelling.
                          Commercial basis….. is what i meant to ask :whistle:

                          • Oh I see…do I publish?….so far no…not sure who’d be interested.; but I have a small, loyal following here :heart: , which is very rewarding and great fun. :yes:

          • I love em to … just not by the hundred weight !! ;-)
            Il make good use of as many an i can Jenny

    • Morning Simon :-) I have 9 courgette plants – yellow and green ones. Love them :good:

      • Hi Jane :-)
        You do by the sound of it, Now…… sit on the couch…… Is there something you want to admit to ??….. One has to admit there addiction you know .
        Im Jane … and I’m a Courgette-a-hollic :yes:
        Lol ;-)

        • Actually I do like them but I only have 9 plants because I thought 4 had failed and did some more ;-) ‘onest, guv :whistle:

          • Sounds like me !! i only ended up with this lot by the amazing talent for raising plants to maturity LOL !! Yea right , more misjudgement in my case ! :yes:
            I think 3 is enough for any mortal if grown in good conditions.. as I’m finding out.. Guess what is on my plate tonight ?? ;-)

    • BTW I haven’t said Simon, but I do like that rose in your avatar pic…it’s a cracker. :yes:

      • BTW ?????Got me there.. Lovely isnt it that rose. Have you had a real close look at the pic? Click on it to bring up my activity and the pic will get bigger. Tell me what you can see. :-)

        • BTW= by the way,
          I can’t get the rose very large, but there is a crumpled heart in its centre Simon. :-)

          • Thats what a thought you might see :yes:
            I noticed it and think the bright sun that i took it in helped to give that outline. Kinda nice i thought and a bonus in the picture. ;-)

  • Received this this morning in an email…I hope you enjoy it.

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    Saw this the other day and this poem made me think of it.

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    By the way just a quickie, when this site comes up for review and it needs to be paid for, I’ll pay my dues. It’ll be worth it. I’m very impressed.

  • It has been emotional, and it has been a lot of fun, Thank you Duncan, for everything you have done.
    GB learned a lot!

  • Phew, what a month it’s been.

    A worried mother soliciting my opinion on what might be wrong with Gardeners Click. “Doesn’t sound too good, Mum. I think it’s going down”. She probably knew that anyway as did […]

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