• @hayleyagora did you see the recent GW when Monty Don was planting out Eurybia/Aster divaricatus/White wood aster? I’ve been trying to source it and it would look lovely at your place, too :-)

    • Hi Jane – the RHS shop sells this plant (if you want to remortgage :lol: ) and lots of other places online. I had it in my old garden and the bees and hoverflies just loved it. I have something similar here – a white aster called ‘White Ladies’. It is similar in form but with a more Michaelmas daisy flower. I got mine in the gc but you can buy…[Read more]

    • Oh Jane, only just seen this, no, I didn’t but will take a look, thank you! :good: :-)

      • Hi Hayley :-) I managed to source some – contact me if you want to know where from. I’ve sent for
        “Eurybia schreberi” and “Eurybia divaricata” – note the name change. I’ll also see how easily they self seed.

  • Allan posted an update 9 months ago

    @Hayleyagora Morning All, Hayl you asked me about the beans, I did answer you, As long as there are two leaves left on them they will be ok, :rose: But I would plant a few more just in case

  • NorthernTeacher posted a new activity comment 10 months ago

    Reminded me of another pond pic ;-) @Hayleyagora

  • cilla posted an update 11 months ago

    @hayleyagora. Happy Birthday Hayley :-) Mums day and birthday means lots of :present: :present: :present: :cake: :cake: :cake: :drink: :drink: :drink: Have a great day my lovely :rose: 🌾💐🌹

    • Thank you my lovely :-) Lots of food and frolic on the cards, make hay whilst the sun shines :lol: ;-) :cake: :rose:

  • VegVamp posted an update 11 months ago

    Grief, nearly forgot, Happy Birthday to our own lovely Hayley. @hayleyagora Have a wonderful day honey.
    :clover: :rose: :present: :drink: :cake: :drink: :present: :rose: :clover:

    • Forget? Did I hear you say FORGET?? ;-) ;-) ;-) at your peril young lady!! :-) 21 bumps a bit later, plenty of padding these days so won’t feel a thing! Have a fabulous day my lovely friend :clover: :rose:

  • NorthernTeacher posted an update 11 months ago

    @hayleyagora Many happy returns of the day, Hayley!!! A very happy birthday to you :present: :cake: :drink: :rose:

  • VegVamp posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, lovely mild morning, although there is quite a bit of cloud, but mild and dry is ok with me. :good: Off for a swim shortly and then need to have a quick gallop into the town. Have a good day all and welcome home H @hayleyagora :rose:

    • Morning Karen. Mild and dry is good. Enjoy your day :-)

    • Good morning K, it’s good to be back and spring has sprung!! :-) :love:

    • Good morning Karen ..I didn’t know you rode horses as well as swimming and sailing ;-) HAGD :rose:

      • :lol: :lol: Well actually Miss smart pants , I used to have a beautiful 16.2 chestnut thoroughbred called Woody, who was a complete head case, but that is another story. ;-)

        • Touche [e -acute :excruciating: ] :lol:
          Woody sounds wonderful … so where is he now?
          Don’t know much about horses, but 16.2 sounds quite tall .. I bet Woody was a cracker :good: :rose:

          • He was huge, a sweetheart, and bonkers and I loved him to bits. He was a rescue Anne, left in a field with little water and damn all food. :-( An ex point to point racehorse with a damaged tendon, but he came good with a lot of work. He gave me 13 wonderful years but sadly in his old age his eyesight became very bad; he was retired then.…[Read more]

            • Bless you Karen, and bless Woody : a good age, after a good life thanks to you :love: Thank you for telling me about him xx :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 1 year ago

    @Hayleyagora Hi Hayley :high-five: You are having a busy season by the sound of it…hope it’s fun as well as hard work :good: :love: :rose:

  • NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 year ago

    Morning clickers and especially Hayley @hayleyagora where’ve you gone? – your click was there and then it wasn’t!!! I can hear the rain outside. Yep, I know it’s early but where is everyone :lol: Just here talking to myself… see you later, I expect :-)

    • dixon replied 1 year ago

      Morning Jane. :-) They will take you away for that. :lol:

    • Hayley replied 1 year ago

      Good morning Jane :-) Dix and I are here so you’ve not gone doo dally yet…or maybe you have ;-) I had the hiccups first thing so deleted one too many posts! Can’t believe it’s the 2nd of Feb, January went by in a flash. Must get my spuds sorted, have you got yours yet?

      • Good morning, Hayley :-) I’ve ended up sending for some Charlottes as we haven’t been able to get to a gc and I thought they might sell out soonish :nailbiting: I only wanted a taster pack of Arran Ps but ended up getting 1kg of Charlottes – the smallest I could find. What are you getting?

        • Hayley replied 1 year ago

          Charlotte potatoes are good ones Jane :good: as I’m sure you’ve discovered. They’re an all round good early spud, (2nd early) but whose counting? I think I may try Swift in the greenhouse this year. Voles have infiltrated my front garden in which I thought it was safe to grow veggies so I’m going to wait and see if they return ;-)

          • Sorry to hear about the voles, Hayley – much as we love wildlife, some species push it a bit, don’t they ;-) Enjoy the panto and Malta with Kath even more so! :rose:

    • Morning Jane, sorry miss, I’m late this morning. ;-) Got a last wee tidy up on that computer first thing. :good:

      • Let you off, then, busybee ;-) and good morning, Karen :-) Very cold here but not windy like ‘they’ said it would be. A bit of work today. Hope you have a good one :rose:

        • cilla replied 1 year ago

          Morning Jane. I often talk to myself, the only intelligent chat I get….and I get all the right answers :lol: I bought 10 Charlottes at the GC and then found a voucher for 10 free ones at our local Wyevale :confused: Have a good day whatever you are doing…..you lot were up early!

          • Morning Cilla :-) you’re going to be having a lot of spuds then ;-) Finished the first of the Peter May Lewis trilogy – pretty good – and the second one is on the table. Are you bird watching from the conservatory again?

            • cilla replied 1 year ago

              No Jane, it has been too cold but the temps are rising so might get in again soon. Getting up now, see you later 🖑

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Morning Clickers, and a belated hello to H and Paula @hayleyagora and @paula-smith, who seem to have slipped off again. ;-) Bloomin dentist this morning, Boo, :-( It’s in Enniskillen, so might try and get some dreaded shopping done while I’m there. Have a good day all. :-)

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    Morning Clickers, sooooooo dark, :bad: some gorgeous pics on from our lovely H of North Kent coast – very dramatic. :good: @hayleyagora Work easing slightly today thank goodness and off to Belfast tomorrow. Never a dull moment. ;-) Have a good day all. :-)

  • gertie posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    @Hayleyagora @Hayleyagora Couldn’t not watch Hayley :lol: It was a very good match :good: and Andy Murray got your good luck :good: . Trying to get to byebyes now but Bolt will be running in an hour … will find out how he does tomorrow :lol: ;-) … incessantly { I quote} no doubt :lol: Nightnight :rose:

    • Brave girl Anne, can’t do late nights anymore, especially with OH getting up at 5.20 for work on a Monday. :lol: Sleep well. ;-)

      • I think you are very sensible Karen, and the sunrises are so lovely; at least you get to enjoy those properly :good: :lol:

  • VegVamp posted a new activity comment 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hi there Carol/Christopher (that’s confusing, :confused: ) and welcome to the site. I’m sure some of our clever flower grower will be able to help. Some of them will be about later. :good: @Cilla @beanstew @hayleyagora @raggedjack anyone ? Might be worth raising it as a topic in the Flower Growing group too C/C here:…[Read more]

  • gertie posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    @Hayleyagora signs of life from the forget-me-not seeds Hayley :lol: :walt: :dance: :rose:

  • NorthernTeacher posted a new activity comment 1 year, 9 months ago

    @hayleyagora Doing very nicely now :-)

  • Allan posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Glad the beans all germinated Hayl, Only just popped on here for a couple of minutes ,@Hayleyagora ,I have conjunctivitis and face and eyes are swolen, :-( :-(

    • Oh Alan, I remember that as a kid and know how nasty it can be, hope you get better soon :rose:

    • Am putting mine to work this weekend Allan :good:
      I do hope that your eyes and face will feel better PDQ :love: :clover: :rose:

    • Oh Al, so sorry to hear that, horrible thing that it is. We all had it once every member of the family, including the dog! Then just to add insult to injury, I got it again!! Hope it clears up quickly for you :rose: :good: :fingers-crossed: PS the beans are growing like mad :lol:

  • Duncan posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Morning all, Beanstew’s mouse up the wahooey so she can’t get on. Wishes you all a Happy Easter and Hayley a very special Happy Birthday!! @hayleyagora :present:

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Happy Birthday Hayley, got it right this time. :lol: @HayleyAgora
    :clover: :present: :drink: :cake: :love: :cake: :drink: :present: :clover:

  • Happy birthday to Hayley @hayleyagora :notacloudinsight: :cake: :present: :drink: :notacloudinsight: Not good missing out on one hour of birthday celebration time today but it’s British Summer Time, so that’s :walt: :walt: Have a lovely day Hayley :rose: :rose:

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