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    dandlyon - "Happy birthday Karen :cake: :drink: :rose: "View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "Had 3 hours at the hairdresser today, Colour, cut blow dry and straighten. And I feel tired now from doing nothing. My watch beeps 3 times to say I was sitting too long."View
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    NorthernTeacher - "Morning clickers :-) a Lidl shopping day today – how exciting is that :confused: I’ve done 26 rows of knitting – 60 to go :good: It’s a bit early to think, so I don’t know what else I might get up to today. Hope […]"View
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    gertie - "Good morning All from a dull, dry with :sun-clouds: trying to emerge but so far not CP Have a good day All :walt: :clover: :rose: "View
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    shedsue - "Afternoon gardeners…wooop woop to my Friday :good: ..I flee my cage at 3 and then a quick shop round mozzas…The York Chr$$$mas lights are being turned on tonight, and my high street ones tomorrow at a street […]"View
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    cilla - "Morning clickers. Coffee morning today but first I must clean out the sparrows feeding cage and scoop millions of acer leaves out of the pond. It is looking dull outside but dry."View
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    ronvalley - "Hi and By, No one about.. :rose: "View
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    Beanstew - "Bought a side of salmon yesterday, and stuffed it in the freezer for You Know What…..Am amazed no one else is apparently thinking of that date on our horizon – or if you are, you have taken a vow of silence […]"View
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    VegVamp - "Good morning Clickers, just got a bag packed up as I’m off to Dunboyne later this morning. OH stays there while working in Clonee, so joining him for a night away and visiting friends while there. :good: Have a […]"View
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    charlie13 - "what a change in the weather. feels like winter today. :bad: "View
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    mick1970 - "Good morning how’s all a tad wet . A dry spell hitting us next week"View
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    stuart - "Had a day in york saturday,lovely :cowboy: "View
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    flowerpotlynn - "Morning all, having internet issues at the moment, so trying to do anything computer wise is so sloooooow, this taking me ages as the tablet keeps freezing etc :dunno: :excruciating: Off to knit &natter as one […]"View
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    dixon - "Good luck with the lane jane. :lol: "View
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    Jenn - "Morning clickers. Dry, bright and mild here – what a strange November this is! Spent yesterday morning and into the afternoon in the Herts & Essex Minor Injuries Unit with Finn waiting to see a nurse then […]"View
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    Ambersparkle - "Morning all, sorry not to have been on, but as I explained to Anne, things have been difficult for me lately. Will try to explain. You all know that I am disabled, but not the extent of them. Have no Elbow Bone […]"View
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    karenp - "Very busy with all those ghosts witches and ghouls, started arriving from about 5ish and last lot about 8ish, good job I had plenty of sweeties, but must say some brilliant costumes and well mannered too, they […]"View
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    wind67 - "Shortest daylight day tomorrow …I shall celebrate by going shopping at 10 pm to avoid wasting the daylight standing in a Q and avoid as many of the ….”Xmas Shoppers”… as posable !"View
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    AliCat - "Evening all, busy day spent chopping and clearing tree branches from the conifers we felled a couple of weeks ago, such a glamorous life we live ;-) "View
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