• Jenn posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    Good morning clickers :bye: Am pleased to be fully restored to internetty shenanigans :yahoo: Survived the Halloween sleepover and am only marginally knackered today. Thought I would catch up with myself yesterday but what with having the sleepover boys until 11, homework, cooking the dinner and having to help Finn make some Mary Berry chocolate mousse for food tech today, I never got around to having a rest. Back to school today after the half term holiday and straight in to a foggy November landscape. Usual stuff to do today but may get up to something more interesting if so inclined. HAGU, whtever you are up to and take care if out and about in fog.

    • Morning Jenn, surprised you haven’t gone back to bed. ;-) Have a lovely day – think you deserve it. :yes:

      • Morning Karen :bye: I would have gone back to bed but the OH is being really annoying and tidying up around me. We very lazily left the kitchen to look after itself last night to tackle today but he started huffing and puffing and putting stuff away around me so I have retired to the front living room and am ignoring him ;-) :lol:

        • I would go back to bed Jenn – much easier to ignore annoying husbands with your head under a duvet – and with any luck he will have finished the clearing up by the time you re-surface and may have retired to his den/office with a martyred expression.

    • I’m sure you’ve got a good book to read, Jenn :whistle: and good morning to you! I suppose you’re planning for Nov 5 now :wacko:

      • Morning Jane – I surely do – a country house murder mystery from the mid 30’s – and now we move on to Christmas ;-) Am going out at lunchtime to get a 6ft LED snowy silver birch for the hall even though we have no flooring and are unlikely to have before Xmas :wacko: Nov 5th takes care of itself – we usually have just a family outing to the fireworks, so nice and low key. Bonfire night is kept as our ‘thing’ as our wedding anniversary is on the 4th and we have always kept it as our own personal celebration :-) Has the liner arrived?

        • Hiya :-) nope and OH has ordered another from elsewhere promising overnight delivery. Hopefully there won’t be a delay getting a refund from the other!
          Oh, wow, you must have a lovely spacious hall to accommodate such a tree – I’m sure we’ll all love your pics :good:
          Oooo, how many years? :rose:

          • Hope the liner arrives tomorrow then Jane. It is a right pain when companies let you down like that – you want to get on and finish the job before the weather changes :rage: Got the tree at lunchtime – was stood for ages trying to decide between warm or cool white lights! Not taken it out the box yet but once it is out it will be out until Jan 6th :lol: THAT will be the earliest ever :yes: We call it a hall but it still has some plaster to go up on a wall and around the door to be finished – am awaiting for the plasterer to grace us with his presence again so gawd knows when it gets done. And we don’t have any flooring down so the tree is my attempt to polish a turd :lol: 21 years on the 4th…where did that time go??? Yikes.

        • Oh lovely, happy early anniversary Jenn and OHoJ :rose: