• Jenn posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Good late afters/early evening clickers. Got fed up polling around coughing and moaning so got washed, dressed and well wrapped up and went over the plot for an hour. Prunes the fruit bushes and cleared out the dahlias from one of the raised beds. The tubers were OK surprisingly considering the snow and icy temps we had a little while ago. Came back to wait for the Tesco delivery, drink several cups of tea and watch 2 episodes of the Bette Davis & Joan Crawford series, ‘Feud’ – absolutely brilliant. What a pair of bitches😂😂😂 Feels so good to be able to do some normal things again 🙂 I am off to open a bottle of Merlot and watch The Dark Knight with my boys. New car comes on Friday🚘 Have a lovely evening😙

    • Good evening Jenn and how lovely to see you sounding so cheerful. It certainly does you good being outside and you will doubly enjoy your evening now. :-) What car have you bought?

      • Hiya cills – Yep, it’s good to feel human again 😂 It was a lovely day to be outside actually, dry and quite mild. We are getting a Suzuki Vitara. We did want the Nissan Qashqai (?) but it wasn’t in stock and would have had to have waited too long…and the Suzuki is £30a month cheaper🙂.

        • Yeah, welcome to the Suzuki family :lol: I have Suzuki Susie Splash and OH has SX4 and we love them :love: Happy motoring :-)