• Jenn posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    Morning clickers. Night full of dreams and gales was not very restful. Luckily I have nothing complicated to do today so my fuzzy brain can loll about to its hearts content. Very windy and very warm here in the East but rain’ s a’coming. Had some of my lottie kalettes with dinner last night – they were yum and I will grow them again :lol: Trying to decide whether to grow sweet peas up the hazel Wigan in the back garden or invest in clematis….less pots hanging about and less faff :dunno: Right, breakfast. HAGU :good:

    • Morning Jenn :-) just been looking at kalettes and fancy giving them a go :good: I’d go for clematis :good: HAGD

      • They were really nice Jane – would recommend :good: I normally grow 4 hazel wigwams (not Wigan, stupid autocorrect) of sweet peas to give the garden some height as it is still new planting but I don’t know whether I can be bothered with the faff of growing 100 plants for them so I am leaning towards clematis as well.

    • Wish it was warm here Jenn, anything but, very cold east Wind, brr

      • Rain has arrived, Tina, so not so pleasant now. We usually get the east wind whip into East Anglia around February so am expecting a blast from Siberia sometime soon!

    • Morning Jen and all…I slept like a log last night and that’s rare..but if I’m too hot I dream too. rain here again, cant wait for a bit of sun and brightness

      • Morning Sue. Can’t remember what the dreams were about now but they woke me then it was hard to get back to sleep because of the gales. I had a good one the other day – I dreamt that I was stood at our tall pull out larder cupboard in the kitchen and secretly guzzling a Cadbury’s flake before anyone could see me…I need more chocolate in my life :lol: