• Jenn posted an update 5 months ago

    Morning clickers. Sunny but frosty start to the week here. The forecast had indicated that today was going to be a complete washout so I didn’t organise anything for the first day of half term. Unsurprisingly, that forecast has moved to tomorrow when I had a couple of ideas about stuff to do…sod’s law, isn’t it! Will see what happens. I popped into the gc yesterday as the gales have blasted apart one of the hedging plants we planted out the front and managed to slip some mixed sweet pea seeds for the plot into the trolley :-) Had a look at strawberry’s as I need to make a new bed and they were £2.40 each! Blumming hell, won’t be getting them from that gc! Was looking for some monstrously hot chilli’s for the plant sale but they only had the normal seeds for sale – will look online for some jolokia, naga or California Reapers. Have a good day, all.

    • Morning Jenn :-) contingencies always needed when you’ve got teenagers, I expect! Hope you have a lovely day regardless!

      • Day in bed with laptop … or snow-boarding? ;-) HAGD :rose:

        • Jenn replied 5 months ago

          We will, Jane, thank you – it’s just nice to have a relatively easy morning (no packed lunch to make or wrangle a sleepy teenager out the door with all the day’s accouterments :lol: ). Good morning to you and to Anne :-) I will probably take him in to Bishop’s Stortford to the game shop to have a mooch and drag him around Wilkinson’s ;-) Will have a major clean up of his bedroom and games room later then he can have mates over :-)

          • Lucky Finn :lol: :rose:

            • Jenn replied 5 months ago

              Got to learn give and take, Anne :-)

            • I think he’s very lucky to have a caring family and Mum Jenn …. every body deserves that and so many miss out :disappointed: :rose:
              Oh I realise, what you thought :-) no I wasn’t being sarcy, I really do think he’s lucky. I was watching briefly, about the poor little Rohingya babies this morning …. they don’t have a home or enough to eat, and they certainly don’t have toys, poor little souls :disappointed:

    • Can recommend Pomona Fruit producers who will provide 18 strawberry plants in a wide selection of varieties inclusive of p&p for £24.95. Can thoroughly recommend their Mara des Bois for a real old-fashioned strawberry experience if yield is not totally important.

      • Jenn replied 5 months ago

        I will have a look at their site, Bean. I get their catalogue through the post so know they are good. In the past I have had runners from D T Brown and they are very good too. I bunged a few of my old strawberry plants in the ground when I moved plots but they are in the way and didn’t do great and I didn’t bother potting up the runners. I am thinking of starting afresh with a new bed on my new plot :good: