• Jenn posted an update 5 months ago

    Morning clickers. Everyone is up super early today – earlier than a normal school day so I have grabbed a cuppa and come back to bed for a read :-) It is supposed to be an absolute wash out all day today. The wind is picking up as I speak and there was an ominous red sky earlier. Some indoor gardening today and Finn wants to go back to the coin shop in Walden – he has the collecting bug! Went to Wilkos yesterday and got some ‘lazy housewife’ beans and some other bits and pieces – they have a good variety of seeds this year :good: Right, off for half an hour’s read. Have a good day :good:

    • Morning Jenn. Similar forecast here I believe. Think I’ll just stay in bed ;-) Enjoy, whatever you do. :-)

      • Jenn replied 5 months ago

        Morning cills. Got a tonne of stuff to do but I am on half term holiday for the next hour ;-) Will you be out walking today?

    • Morning Jenn :-) Finn’s definitely got the bug :good: A good day ahead for you really – have an enjoyable one :-)

      • Jenn replied 5 months ago

        Hiya Jane. Yep, he wants to go back and look through the giant tub of coins they have. There was an old man sat raking through it when we last went who looked like he was in for the day and Finn couldn’t get a look-in :lol: Enjoy your rainy day :pissing-down:

    • Good morning Jenn. Reading your post has reminded me that I meant to visit the local Wilko before it gave up and closed recently. Businesses come here to die – Homebase went a year or so ago. Thank goodness we have access to all the “stuff” on the internet. Enjoy today with Finn.

      • Jenn replied 5 months ago

        Morning Bean. Our Wilkos never have any of the fab deals and mark-downs you see other people get but at least it is still going. It was good to see the gardening aisles thronging with people yesterday – everyone’s eager to get started. Hope you find some good deals if the shop is closing down :good: but :bad: at the same time.