• Jenn posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning clickers. Now this is more like it :notacloudinsight: Lovely to read all the sunshiney positivity that a change in weather brings. Fingers crossed I will get the spuds in today and get a bit of time back in the garden. Spent an hour powerwashing the patio yesterday getting all the gungy stuff that accumulates over the winter off and now need to sort my pots and doors out. Hope you all have a lovely day :good:

    • :high-five: Jenn, just had my coffee after Pilates, so am off into the garden for a couple of hours, now that I’m limbered up :lol: enjoy the sunshine :rose:

      • Hallo Lynn :high-five: the garden is sure waking up now…just back from a pe-booked appt at the surgery where my best doctor is now back PERMANENTLY :dance: :dance: :walt: :dance:
        I shall imagine you in the green coolth of your lovely garden with :notacloudinsight: today :rose: :rose:

        • Hi Anne, you have just caught me before I don my gardening boots.
          Hope you got any questions answered from recent events& follow up appointments clarified. Hope you enjoy the sunshine and Gertie’s garden in a gentle way :rose: :rose:

          • Sorted I hope Lynn :good: … tho’ puzzled by a rash around my shoulders which appeared this morning :confused: I have a mass of bruises which are adding yellow to their kaleidoscopic array of amazing colours too :lol: I feel so many more blogs and stories coming along … especially about the garden :lol: ;-) :good: :rose:

    • Bravo Jenn :good: The tearing down and revamping I had planned may have to wait … not least because Dom says he saw a bird emerge from destined-to-be-chopped-bush over the weekend :eyeroll: …hmmm… we shall see. HAGD :good: :rose: