• Jenn posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers from a baked, toasted, frazzled & fried and slightly crispy round the edges, Essex. Everything here is suffering apart from the weeds but it is too hot to sort them out. I will be chalking this year up to experience! Being in the driest part of the country does have its benefits sometimes (winter) but now, not so much. Today I am going to loll between watching the tennis, general pottering and house stuff, nothing too exerting in this heat (28-30 degrees :notacloudinsight: ). I hope you find a shady spot – HAGU :good:

    • Morning Jenn :-) been in a shady spot reading one of the Merrily Watkins series. Very pleasant. Pointless touching the weeds when the rest looks a bit done in :confused: Have a lolling/lolly day :lol:

      • Hi ladies….I have been doing a bit of gardening and a tiny bit of HW on a evening…not good working weather…A wittle shower would be lovely, or a storm ;-)