• Jenn posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers. Gorgeous day in prospect so may get out in the garden for a bit. Grass needs cutting and the weeds are still growing. Spent yesterday filling in forms for Finn’s German trip next month….you think you keep all your important information together but one little bugger wheedles its way out and disappears! All done now and deposit paid so he will be having a few days in Berlin at the end of November. Need to get some onion sets – our nearest Wilko is having a refit so is virtually empty at the minute…will have to fork out garden centre prices :excruciating: Hope you have a good day :good:

    • Hi Jenn :-) That’ll be interesting for Finn to go to Berlin. Is he learning German? I did it and loved it :-) I tried to get shallots from Wilko last week and nada :-( Ordered some from DTBrown. HAGE :-)