• Jenn posted an update 7 months ago

    Morning clickers – very hard frost last night that looks like snow and some snow showers forecast for today. Outside jobs will be put on hold – will top up the bird table and have just chucked some moldering apples out for the blackbirds. Once Finn is at school I shall continue with the decorating and have a read. HAGU whatever you are up to.

    • Morning Jenn :-) my blackbirds have had all the apples now and fought a lot over the last ones! Indoors is best today – enjoy it :-)

      • Jenn replied 7 months ago

        Morning Jane – it’s usually the ones that have been in Finn’s lunch bag and come back home a bit battered and bruised from being lugged around all day – but the blackbirds don’t seem to mind as they are straight on them. Sparrows and a pair of robins are on the suet block this morning – they are lining up on the fence and apple tree. Time for me to have some breakfast now and make a start on stuff – definitely hunkering down inside today, brrrr.

      • Having to use some of my chopped Apples now, for the Birds. Took out a Tray of Fish Cakes, I thought I would not miss, going to cook them up for them, they have all the usual hanging Goodies, but the Crows are clever, and perform Acrobatics to tip them out!

        • Morning ladies…Its like a Disney film at mine on a morning…All queuing up for food…I love it :good: …Hope you warm and cosy :rose:

          • The Crows are so ugly, and make a dreadful sound, but what they lack in looks, they make up for in Brains, their Antics never fail to amaze me.