• Jenn posted an update 1 week ago

    Morning clickers. It’s a bit blummin’ fresh out there. An indoor day today as it is raining and way too blowy outside for me. OH doesn’t mind as the rugby is on and Finn is off with his mates this afternoon to play Pokemon Go in Bishop’s Stortford. He has walked almost 250km since he started playing it which is pretty good. Have lots to keep me busy – I am having a massive declutter as I want to redecorate our bedroom. It got decorated quite hurriedly when we moved in but it needs a refresh and I want to get rid of all our cottage-y furniture that came from the old house. It needs a paint and new carpet and I have my eye on a new bed. But before all that can happen I need to clear the old toot. I hope you are having better weather where you are – enjoy your Saturday :good:

    • gertie replied 1 week ago

      Hi Jenn’s cloudy, dull and cool here … not very inviting, so shall potter indoors and then enjoy yelling at the TV rugby! bravo on the de-cluttering :good: HAGD :rose:

    • Morning Jenn :-) sounds like it’s a mega busy time for you! Enjoy your decluttering :-)

    • Hello ladies. Decluttering postponed as when the OH said, ‘would I like to go and look at bathrooms, I nearly yanked his arm out of its socket in the dash to the car :lol: Weather has been horrible here but hopefully it will improve after today. OH a bit dejected with the Irish match result but well done Wales. Right, am making pizza for dinner and need to wrestle the dough into a roughly circular shape. Enjoy your evening and let’s all hope for better gardening weather tomorrow :good: