• Jenn posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Afternoon clickers. Sorry not been around this last few days – was super busy at the weekend then we all went down with a tummy bug on Sunday night and felt bleugh. Finn had Monday & Tuesday off school because of it but is well enough to have gone back today. Myself and OH are feeling a lot better now so hopefully I can get outside during this lovely spell of weather. Plasterer came today to do the reveals of the new windows, so that is another job done (hurrah). Pottered in the garden a bit this morning and potted up a couple of pots (a box ball and a cordyline). They had some gorgeous geraniums in Tesco’s…I was tempted. Hope you have all been well and gardening like mad. HAGU :blowkiss:

    • Hi Jenn :high-five: Glad you feel better …. schooldays and bugs eh … I remember them well :lol: Am just taking a quick break from potting on seedlings that are all coming on like mad. Little Violas are even blooming!!HAGeoA&E :rose:

      • Hi Anne. hank you. Luckily the boys shake things off nice and quickly. It takes me a little bit longer because of my medical history but had a bite of dinner last night and a small lunch today so must be on the mend :good: It’s all gathering apace, isn’t it :-) I have some cosmos to pot on but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Love viola’s and their little monkey faces. Enjoy your tea break :good:

        • Take it easily Jenn :good: Great on your Cosmos. :good: I am having zero luck so far with mine…will get some more when I see some , or bite the bullet and buy a few ready grown in pots. Not so much fun as seeds but possibly more reliable :confused: :-) HAGrE :rose:

    • Morning Jenn :-) glad you’re all better – hope you can enjoy the sun today :-)