• Jenn posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Morning clickers. Thank fudge it’s Friday! Grey and a mite chillier here today and some rain due later but the weekend looks good for pottering. I have commandeered the OH this weekend to help me with the front garden (I hate the slopey bit and the planting under the window isn’t working for me) and maybe make a start on our fire pit area. We have to wait in tomorrow anyway for a delivery (a linen cupboard that we went to pick up last week that was too big for the car by 2cm – that’s another story :lol: 2.5 hour round trip to Surrey… :eyeroll: ) so best make use of the time ;-) ). No major plans today – I have some detail work to do in Finn’s room and some potting up and weeding (as usual :excruciating: ). Have a good Friday folks :good: