• Jenn posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Morning clickers from a rather humid Essex. Where has the time gone? July is usually my busy month, what with Finn’s birthday and party etc but throw in trying to get the bathroom done at the same time…gahhhh! We had a quote for £10,000…I know :lol: :lol: So we have been trying to get other companies/builders out for quotes. It seems like people don’t want the work…too small a job :excruciating: Anyway, garden is dying from lack of rain and the weeds are growing overnight…think my garden needs a rethink ;-) Had a nice trip out to a local nursery…see pic. Hope you are all well.
    • Morning Jenn, we have the same problem, arrange for people to come out and give us a quote, when they realise where we live they don’t turn up!!! Had this with one builder& a garden maintenance person. I’m not sure if it’s the work they don’t want or its the getting rid of what’s left after, they have to be licensed etc to go to the local tip??
      My garden seems to be surviving so far, but will have to start watering the veg soon. Hope you get something sorted for the bathroom soon.
      Nursery looks very well laid out and cared for :good:
      Hagd :rose: :rose: