• Jenn posted an update 5 days, 3 hours ago

    Afternoon clickers. Just in for a bite of lunch and then I may brave the cold soggy garden again :excruciating: l am tackling a corner of the garden that is a bit inaccessible due to a twisty hazel that has grown like nobody’s business. I used to have it in a pot but thought I’d like stems for cutting so bungled it in the ground. It is now huge and has a few thick brambles coming through from next door so I have been untangling those. Not fun. May start on a less tiresome and spiky part of the garden and go back to it next time. Hope you are all having a good day, my luverlies. Pic is of my multi-stem silver birch looking autumnal. All the pretty leaves of my apple tree seemed to drop off overnight😐