• Jenn posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Good morning clickers. We have had a series of hard frosts turning everything white and festive looking and today is another one of those icy starts. Not too much to do outside as I had to buy a new leaf rake before I could tackle the leaves….that’s my excuse and sadly I can’t use it anymore as I bought one in Homebase yesterday :excruciating: The tree is up but not decorated – we ran out of steam yesterday as we were knackered from our Saturday adventure. We trotted down to London on Saturday for a bit of shopping and to see the lights. Finn wanted to go to a specialist trainer shop near the British Museum. It was pure window licking tho…none of the trainers had price tags so we asked after 3 pairs. £700, £800 and some bargain ones at £500 :lol: :lol: :lol: The OH was like, ‘my first car cost me £500’ :lol: A proper dad reaction :lol: The lights in Carnaby Street were stunning (all recycled and zero carbon) and the Regent Street angels are beautiful. Right, off to make up my mini Christmas tree pot for the front door if the compost is defrosted :dunno: Have a good day folks :good:
    • Morning Jenn :-) I wondered what you’d been up to ;-) You were brave with a trip to London with the crowds. Good for Carnaby St :good: Have a good day :-)

    • Hi Jenn. I saw your pics on FB, you had a lovely time…..apart from those trainers….Finn wouldn’t want cheap rubbish like that :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Hi Cills. The lights were gorgeous – Carnaby Street was absolutely heaving. Finn was desparate to go to this trainer shop,it’s good to dream but 2 of the 3 pairs were horrendous :lol: And I got told off by security for leaning on a display case – if Finn hadn’t been there I would have told them to blow it out their arse :lol:

    • Hi Jane. As a born and bred Londoner I am used to the crowds…I still find the quiet of the countryside a bit weird, to be honest :lol: But not the roads – bliss is no speed bumps, traffic lights or queues :-)

    • Didn’t know that’s where you were born and bred, Jenn ;-) Used to love London when I lived in Brighton but too hectic for me now :lol: