• Jenn posted an update 6 days, 14 hours ago

    Afternoon everyone. It’s a bit brighter today but blummin cold – that’s December for you, I guess :lol: Tiler is still here – he is doing a great job but I hope he finishes today. Nothing else very interesting…Finn has his last mock GCSE today and we will be glad to see the back of them. He has surprised us by applying to his school’s 6th form to continue on at A Level. He chose History, Media Studies and either Politics or Sociology, he’s not quite decided between those two, but you have to have a reserve anyway. We have very gently been trying to push him to do a Visual Effects course at either Cambridge Regional College or another one called Long Road which is also in Cambridge but he wants to stay with his friends, which I completely understand. To be honest, I don’t think A Levels are for him what with his dyslexia and the other more hands on course would be more suitable especially with Sky investing so much money in the new studios at Elstree and it being an expanding job market. Anyway, it is not me doing the course so it will be his decision and nothing is final for a good while yet. Right, off to make more tea! HAGU, whatever you are up to.

    • Well done Jenn :love: …. it’s so difficult for parents ennit, and well done to Finn…a young man with a mind of his own :good: :rose:

    • Hi Jenn :-) Brilliant that he’s got a choice and he’ll hopefully get the appropriate support whatever he chooses. I’ve read that uni politics courses have been flavour of the last 3 years ;-) :good: Yep, time to wrap up warm :-)