• Jenn posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Afternoon my windblown clickers. It is still blowing like mad here but nothing like Sunday – oh woweee, that was harsh :run!: I stocked up on Friday and we didn’t plan to go outside…until the power went half way through cooking dinner :excruciating: Couldn’t even finish it off on the BBQ as we are out of gas although who would have stood out in that weather cooking is anyone’s guess :lol: The OH made a mercy dash for pizza which gave me conniptions as he had to go the round about way as trees had blocked the 2 roads in and out of the village – one had fallen on power lines which explained the power cut. Saturday had been glorious – we went into Cambridge for a bit of retail therapy but it was definitely the quiet before the storm. Luckily we have not incurred any damage but I imagine a few fence panels were down. The M11 near us was closed as one of the hanger’s at Duxford IWM was starting to lift and trees blocked the train lines…what a palaver. The wind was bad yesterday (45mph+) and has been the same today although it is starting to calm down now compared to this morning. No surprise that I have only looked at my garden through the window and it’s not very inviting the next few days either. Saturday & Sunday look pretty grim too. I will stock up on teabags and sofa surf :lol: I hope you have all fared relatively well and roll on some more convivial gardening weather :sun-clouds:

    • OMG, Jenn, what a nightmare in Essex!! Mega gusts here too but luckily the power has stayed on for us. Hope you’ve now got a table top BBQ with extra gas! Take care – like you say, it’s not over yet :rose:

      • Like you we were prepared too, but thankfully no power cuts here, could only imagine you trying to cook dinner on a gas barbeque in that weather :confused: :confused:
        Good idea about the pizza though but shows true grit by your hubby getting out there in those high winds, hope the pizza was good too ;-)

    • Afters Jenn, that was horrible for you, and worrying for OH to be out in it. :-( :fingers-crossed: your electric will stay on now and things will calm down. “Conniptions” :lol: :lol: haven’t heard that in a long time – used to be a favourite in our family. :good: Stay safe – and warm. :-)