• Jenn posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers. Beautiful start to the day here although the forecast isn’t to be trusted at the minute – random rain showers keep bustling in. The next 3 days shows as perfect gardening weather though so I am going to get outside in a little bit. I need to to make some pizza dough for tonight and possibly might head to the supermarket as it is so busy of the weekend and I want to avoid that. My seeds arrived. Really impressed with the prices, 30 cobra climbing bean seeds for 99p – I’ve paid £3/4 for a packet before. And 99p for the Losetto tomato seeds as well. Very bargainous :-) Have a good day folks :good:
    • I bought all my seeds from Premier this year Jenn, same as you Cobra beans and Tomato Shirly and gardeners delight only 99p. my best saving was Passandra cucumbers £1.29 for 5 seeds against £3.39 for 4. Petunia 99p. I have stared my Petunias off and they germinated in 3 days in my new improved propagator :lol:
      • Excellent, Jenn and enjoy the weekend!
        • Hiya Frank. Premier Seeds are great for a bargain, aren’t they. That was a good price on the cucumbers :good: I also like that they come packed in small packets – less waste and easier to store. The Cobra beans were such a saving. Must get my propagator up and running this weekend :good:
          • You too Jane :good: